Why have you decided to create an “Olympic Games” special session?

These games are an opportunity to give a central role to ecology. We want to take action together to make sustainability part of this type of events and to make sure the new stories we write are up to the challenges of this century.

We are therefore continuing to raise awareness as much as we can. This global event is a unique opportunity to get a maximum of people involved and to sow new seeds !

We also want to gather around common values : sharing, solidarity, cooperation, inclusiveness, love (of sports, of nature, of living things). Sports and the values they bear can be a true lever to speed up ecological transition.

Here in MPP, we promote solidarity and inclusiveness and will use the Paralymics being in the spotlight to highlight actions about disability and accessibility. Ecological transition is indeed intertwined with a transition of social fairness.

Can I join in even if I’m not sporty or if I don’t like sports ?

Let us reassure you : there’s no need to be a professional athlete to complete even the most physical challenges ! This MPP event is open to everyone .

A variety of challenges have been created for this special session: sports challenges, but also solidarity and inclusiveness ones, team and intergenerational ones, challenges to improve yourself, to be adventurous and to travel… There is something for everyone !

You will also find the same themes as Ma Petite Planète classic sessions, such as food, waste, biodiversity, energy or reusability, which will all represent half of the challenges. You’ll find the right fit for you !

How is this “Ma Petite Planete” session different from the previous ones?

During this Ma Petite Planète session you will find new challenges related to sports and/or to Olympics and Paralympics values. Half of the challenges will be completely new and will aim at bringing light to innovative solutions linked to sports and ecology but also to issues we’re not used to questioning.

This session will also be family-friendly! A majority of the challenges will be two-levelled so that children as well as adults can play.

Other exclusive functionalities are waiting for you! For example, you will be able to choose a committed celebrity and/or someone who marked sports history to represent your team, and there will be special events for the Festival of Ecology.

In a nutshell, there are many reasons to (re)join the MPP challenge, whether you’re a new player or a regular !

Can I join with my sports club ?

Absolutely ! We have planned different levels to our challenges for groups of all ages to play ! Feel free to contact your sports club or your federation to play the game on a larger scale.

What do you think of the environmental impact of the Olympic and Paralympic Games ?

We are aware of the inconsistency of such an event considering our planet’s limits. Transports, constructions, waste of resources and energy: that’s a red card for the Games.

If the conclusion is negative today, we hope to see it improve over the next years thanks to multiple initiatives such as this MPP session, which might help question our way to practice sports and will definitely create a positive impact !

Despite all this, it seems to us that it is important to involve a maximum of people in a transition to balance the negative impacts.

Several initiatives have been set up by Paris 2024. The app “Coach Climat” for example, to help sports events organizers to understand and reduce their personal and professional climate impact. These initiatives are although rightfully criticized and are complicated to carry out.

Are you being sponsored or funded by Paris 2024 or their partners ?

This session of MPP Ecology Games was certified “Impact 2024”, which implies that our initiative, linked to the Olympics and Paralympics, is symbolically supported by Paris 2024. We also have our own partners for this occasion, which are committed with us and share our points of view and goals.
We have asked to “Terre de Jeux” certified territories to have their agents and inhabitants join in the challenge.

Do you support actions from associations fighting against the Olympic Games ?

Of course ! There are several ways of being committed, and everyone can get involved while respecting their identity and values.

We take action differently, but we have a common goal. We therefore support the different approaches of these movements and the impacts of their actions.

We aspire to bring thorough changes to our society and our system together !

Is there an answer you couldn’t find ? Contact us.