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France Info

Ecology: a fun app to change mindsets, "I didn't think people would play so hard"

 " The My Little Planet application periodically invites its participants to take up ecological challenges. Consuming less, saving resources, or discovering green alternatives is part of the challenge".

Published on 19 October 2022

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At work: 5 concrete ways to mobilise colleagues for the environment

 " How to talk about and, above all, raise awareness about ecology, all at the office? Felix de Monts, co-founder of Vendredi, a social start-up that allows company employees to get involved in their professional time, offers a practical manual.

Published on 7 October 2022

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Charlie Hebdo

New challenges: enjoying yourself while saving the planet

 " What if we saved the planet by having fun? This is the original idea launched by a few students in 2019. Today, the approach is attracting many participants who are determined to change things without getting carried away. From 26 September to 17 October, a new challenge is being launched. The story of a good-natured ecological transition.

Published on 20 September 2022

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Make Sense

My little planet, playing at preserving it for real

 " You thought you'd tried everything to get your mates on board with greener lifestyles (with varying degrees of success)? What if you asked them to play? The Ma Petite Planète association has more than one trick up its sleeve to get them moving. " 

Published on 14 September 2022

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From kindergarten to high school, students take action for the environment

 "For the Ma Petite Planète association, acting for the environment is a matter for all generations... 

Published on 20 August 2022

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Bank of Territories

Why use EdTech for back-to-school?

In order to accelerate EdTech projects, the Banque des Territoires has selected 10 start-ups in its "Passerelles" programme. One of the challenges for these start-ups is to make themselves known to local authorities. Illustration with the co-founder of Gazouyi pro, an application dedicated to early childhood.

Published on 25 July 2022

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5 green measures to take if you want a greener holiday

As ecology does not take a holiday, the committed game "My Little Planet", which proposes to take up ecological challenges as a team (friends, colleagues, family...) during 3 weeks, launches 5 eco-responsible challenges to French people who plan to travel this summer!

Published on 20 July 2022

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L'yonne Républicaine

The schoolchildren took part in the My Little Planet challenge.

"Eight students from 6 e from the Collège Jacques-Prévert were rewarded on Thursday for their work in the international competition of the Ma petite planète association.

Published on 29 June 2022

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Savenay. Nice Talent Night at Saint-Exupéry College.

"This show is closely linked to the actions carried out by the eco-delegates in favour of our E3D school and various projects carried out throughout the year.

Published on 25 June 2022

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Mathilde Hébert (co-founder of Ma Petite Planète): "We set ourselves the challenge of making ecology as unifying as sport".

 "Ma Petite Planète (MPP) is an ecological game for teams offering ecological challenges to be carried out between friends, colleagues and family during 3 weeks.

Published on 1 June 2022

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Newsletter: "The climate needs us!

Sent on 1 June 2022

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My little planet: 60 challenges to get moving on ecology

"Raising awareness about ecology and getting citizens to take action: that is the mission of My Little Planet, a team game with some sixty challenges that can be shared on mobile phones and mobile phones. is unfolding in real life. The next challenge takes place from 30 May to 20 June." 

Published on 24 May 2022

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Le Républicain Lorrain

"My little planet": two classes from the school win prizes

" 595 classes from all over France participated in the Ma Petite Planète challenge. Two Segpa classes from the Boulay-Moselle secondary school finished in the top five: the 5e 7 class came second and the 4e 7 class came fifth. They were rewarded at a ceremony.

Published on 19 May 2022

#MPP School

Bettina Dablemont and Vincent Moreau (Advantail): "Our raison d'être is to promote rational consumption and responsible management of premises".

" The Ma Petite Planète event was a trigger. It created a lot of team cohesion and gave meaning to the start of our actions. " 

Published on 9 May 2022

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Parents Magazine n°614

Green file: for our babies, for the planet

" My little planet app

What if we were told that we could earn points by taking on eco-friendly challenges as a family? On the Ma Petite Planète app, you can have fun validating as many good-for-the-planet challenges as possible from among those proposed, post the photos and win points for each validated challenge!

Published in May 2022

#MPP School

Le Télégramme

The pupils of Pablo-Picasso are taking part in the sustainable development challenge in Lanester. The Ma Petite Planète association has set them ecological challenges to make them aware of the environment.

Since Monday 4 April, the pupils of the Pablo-Picasso school in Lanester have been taking part in the school challenge organised by the Ma Petite Planète association. This event is a collaborative game open to all, from kindergarten to high school.

Published on 06 April 2022

#MPP School

Sustainable News

The association Ma Petite Planète proposes, through a fun "board game", to take up a series of ecological challenges with your friends and family in three weeks.

The association Ma Petite Planète (MPP) intends to become THE reference game for raising awareness and taking ecological action. This digital version of the board game offers its players the chance to take on a maximum number of green challenges in three weeks: two teams compete to complete as many of the 60 actions proposed in the game as possible, while avoiding the 20 "malus" that would cause them to lose points. For example: do a week without chocolate or coffee to score 4 extra points, or don't take the car or the VTC for short trips or you will lose 3 points.

Published on 13 September 2021

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Ma Petite Planète: the fun and eco-friendly app that takes care of the environment while having fun

"What if we took care of the planet while having fun? This is what this new application proposes, which is both fun and ecological. Because yes, there is no reason why the major climate issues should not be tackled in a fun way. eye more fun and entertaining. So, let's make the most of it ! "

Published on 28 January 2021

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The reports on MPP :


" Ma petite planète" provides a concrete response, proposing through their application to participate in teams, families, friends, in short with their community in fun, realistic and educational challenges ".

Released on 25 September 2022

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A look back at the visit to the Cholet sub-prefecture as part of the Heritage Days Inauguration of the moat corridor in Vezins Focus on the "My little planet" challenge.

Released on 19 September 2022

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Environment: ready to take up the My Little Planet challenge?

Ready to find out which member of your family is the greenest? The next challenge will take place from 26 September to 17 October 2022. Meet Christian Nallatamby, its co-founder.

Released on 12 August 2022

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Europe 1

Panorama: How to have a greener holiday?

Original Air Date on July 19, 2022

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Live FM

Focus on the association "Ma Petite Planète

 "Today in Léo's world (Léo Tassel's show - Un monde d'associations), we focus on "Ma Petite Planète", a mobile game with ecological challenges to be carried out with family, friends and even colleagues.

Released on 31 May 2022

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How can children be made aware of the challenges of sustainable development?

Focus on the challenges of impact. What energy mix for tomorrow? Bulk, a good idea? How can we make fair trade grow? Wind turbines, for or against? Towards a more sustainable finance? What is responsible purchasing? Our experts debate.


Released on 30 May 2022

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BFM Île-de-France

Planète locale Paris : IDF: The app that challenges you to go green.


Original Air Date on May 16, 2022

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A playful ecology

SMART IMPACT, a CSR programme for companies, welcomes Mathilde Hébert (Co-founder, Ma Petite Planète) , Jean Allary (Co-founder, Artefact 3000) , Hermine Chombart de Lauwe (General Delegate, CNRA) and Annabelle Richard (Director of Sustainable Local Economies, Utopies).


Original Air Date on May 12, 2022

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My Little Planet, gaming for the planet

A smartphone game, daily challenges, saving the planet: these are the three ingredients of My Little Planet


Released on 9 May 2022

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France 3 Bretagne

The climate challenge

Tic Tak is interested this week in the climate challenge. We went to see a class of CM2 in a school in Iffendic (35) which is taking part in the "Ma petite planète" challenge, like 1500 classes in France. For three weeks, they will be carrying out actions in favour of the environment. And they have lots of ideas, you'll see! And you will also discover in Vannes, the portrait of Sarah, 16 years old, who has a crazy talent for drawing mangas.


Released on 16 March 2022

#MPP School


A game to have fun and take care of the planet.


Original Air Date on January 27, 2021

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