Our partners       

Together we go FURTHER

Why do we need partners?

To spread the word about our projects: We promote great projects which, in turn, help us find new League Ambassadors within their communities and increase our impact! We are in no way remunerated for referencing them.

How are they selected?

We select partners who, in our opinion, contribute to raising awareness, moving people into action or enhancing the skills of MPP Players to promote the ecological transition.

Alone we go SLOWER, together we go FURTHER away! To all of you, thank you very much, we 💚 you!

Would you like to discuss a partnership?

Find them in our challenges!

The challenge partners support the MPP Players in carrying out the challenges, making it easier for them to take action.

They bring their expertise to a challenge linked to their activity, thus increasing the environmental impact of the game!

"Being an MPP partner was a great opportunity for us to make even more citizens aware of solutions to protect the ocean. An experience we won't hesitate to repeat!"

Malaury Morin,
co-founder of Blutopia

Join them at the Festival de l'Ecologie!

Our event partners are listed in the calendar calendar Ecology Festival » lors de chaque édition.

It's a digital calendar that suggests workshops, conferences, games, and other types of events related to the topic of ecology (online or in-person). Those events can be, at the partner's option, free or charged.

"MPP and Pitch Climat...More than a partnership, it's the synergy of 2 interactive initiatives combining understanding and action at all levels! Thank you to the MPP team for their confidence!"

Sandra Sydow,
cofondatrice du Pitch Climat

They support us

Some support us by sharing MPP's publications and news, allowing us to find our famous gems : the MPP ambassadors !

Others support or enable the funding of Ma Petite Planète to contribute to the development of the organization !

"With Captain Cause, we're committed to supporting positive, innovative solutions with high impact potential: a winning combo for Ma Planète, which has managed to tackle the subject of ecology with pep and humor, to appeal to young and old alike. We love it, and we're not the only ones, if their success on the platform since launch is anything to go by!"

Clara Pigé,
co-founder and COO of Captain Cause

They support companies after the challenge!

These partners support the companies that took part in MPP in their ecological transition, with a view to the assessment carried out at the end of the challenge. They follow up on areas for improvement identified during the challenge. They also suggest actions to be implemented over the long term.

Find them in the school edition!

Our MPP Scolaire partners are selected for their ability to :

  • Taking action to preserve the planet
  • Relay the initiative on a large scale, and thus
  • The mobilization of large numbers of students
  • To communicate ecological values through their structures and missions

Our Godparents

Johanna et Nina – Spring 2023








Inès Moreau –
Winter 2023








Johan Reboul – Autumn 2022








Eva Sadoun – Spring 2022








Arthur Auboeuf – Winter 2022








Magali Payen –
Autumn 2021








Lisa – Spring 2021








Camille - Winter 2021








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