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The game Ma Petite Planète

C’est quoi ?

An eco-friendly challenge (slightly crazy)

To live for 3 weeks

Between colleagues, friends, family, classmates, ...

In practice       

How does it work?

1. Complete your first challenge

2. Share the proof on your league chat

3. Validate the challenge directly in the application!


Our services

MPP Corporate

to engage and bond your employees

MPP School

to raise awareness among your students from kindergarten to high school

MPP University

to involve your higher education students


1. Discover the role of ambassador in your league!

*1 league = 6 to 24 MPP Players, divided into 2 leagues

2. Register on the app, create your league, and invite your friends and family!

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Why play       

Mesure d’impact social


des répondant.e.s se sentent plus à l’aise pour parler d’écologie avec leur entourage


déclarent avoir agi plus que d’habitude pour la préservation de l’environnement


des répondant.e.s estiment garder 1 à 3 nouvelles habitudes et 24 % 4 à 6 nouvelles habitudes

Retrouvez le détail de notre mesure d’impact en accédant au PPT.


What does it look like?

Bike to Work to Sleep Challenge, worth 4 points, cycle 20km for a day or do a week's worth of "velotaf".
Duo (not) winner, worth 4 points, go a week without tea, coffee or chocolate
Just here... a small geranium is worth 3 points, plant at least one tree in your garden or that of an acquaintance or on one of the many sites that offer it

Challenge categories       

15+ themes for action

The Ecology Festival

An MPP edition is also an opportunity to take part in ecological events, to get informed, meet and share!

You're not alone!

Our MPP Players play all over the world. Mainly in France of course, in Europe but also everywhere on our little planet!

Questions about
our Ecological Challenge?

Take a look at our FAQ,
you will find answers on the principles of the challenge,
the spirit of the challenges, the functioning of the App,
and even on the history of creation
of Ma Petite Planète 😉

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