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Ma Petite Planète       

What is it?

Ma Petite Planète (MPP) is a team challenge based on ecological challenges to be completed with your friends, family, colleagues or classmates (for the school version!), during 3 weeks.

The mission of our association? Raise awareness and get as many people as possible to take action for the preservation of the planet!
The objective: Complete as many challenges as possible for the planet among 60 possibilities and avoid the 20 malus challenges to win the Ecological World Cup !


- Sept. 26th to October 17th 2022

– 30 Janvier au 20 Février 2023

Ma Petite Planète     

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Ecology Festival

- What eco-friendly events are offered by our partners?

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Liste des événements partenaires du festival de l'écologie du 07 Juin et du 18 Juin sur l'application Ma Petite Planète

Taking a look back at the last edition:

Short video of the last edition

The summary of the 3 weeks of challenge!

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Where are our MPP Players located?

Our MPP Players play all over the world. Mainly in France of course, in Europe but also everywhere on our little planet!

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Répartition des MPP Players dans le monde lors de l'édition du Printemps 2022



On the program: 3 weeks of adapted challenges, from kindergarten to high school, to make pupils aware of good eco-gestures! As a bonus, the class will be united and the bond between teachers and students will be strengthened.



The aim is to support your employees' eco-responsible practices to facilitate the company's ecological transition through a fun and motivating game for all.

Unite your teams around a common denominator... the Planet!

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Challenges & events (non-exhaustive list!)

La Fourche
Time for the planet
La Fresque du Climat

Our MPP Players       


Very good concept!

"Very good concept! Great board which allows to educate through the game, to raise awareness on ecological issues, develop new habits, think of new ecological tips, discuss, share knowledge, lead to certain considerations... Very relevant tool to become aware of things! Very good stepping stone to improve our practices for respecting the environment, while remaining a fun game! Competition, human adventure, mutual aid and good times guaranteed! :rougir::pousse:

Sarah - MPP Ambassador

Great experience!

"You do the challenges you want, when you want. There's something for everyone and every level of "ecological transition" 😉 It allows you to adopt certain good habits, take on new ones, understand the impact of your actions, be enriched by information and encounters! In short, I loved the content and the design! The concept of leagues and teams creates a real emulation, we want to play more than 3 weeks! THANK YOU and ready for the next edition!

Margaux - MPP Player


This game is great

"This game is great to take up challenges with friends or family (especially for those who like competition lol)! And it's very well organised, congratulations to the MPP team! I think it's the best way to raise awareness and to learn about ecological and solidarity actions. :tournesol:  Looking forward to the next session :sourire_et_yeux_rieurs:

Océane - MPP Player

Nice experience

"It was a great experience that helped me a lot in my desire to consume less and better. It is sometimes difficult to start a healthier lifestyle (for oneself and for the planet!) on your own and in the right way. To my great surprise I now feel quite capable of adopting a flexitarian diet thanks to the vegetarian challenge!

Ana - MPP Player