Notre histoire et nos valeurs

Ma Petite Planète est une association loi 1901 qui propose un challenge de défis écologiques à vivre entre ami.e.s, famille, collègues ou camarades de classe, pendant 3 semaines.

Team & History

How was Ma Petite Planète born?

The idea emerged in June 2019 during the heat wave in Paris in the mind of one of the co-founders (Clément Debosque). With hindsight, we can say that Ma Petite Planète was born:

From a desire to act to help fight global warming. (the "greatest challenge in human history", I hear!)

From a frustration of not being able to raise awareness and get people around them, (friends-e-s and family in particular) to do the right eco-actions to preserve the planet as best as possible.

From a triple intuition:

  • Use the leverage of play and competition to get messages across. Being "sanctimonious" and "dull" with your loved ones doesn't work!
  • Based on the codes that made the famous football game on app @Mon Petit Gazon successful, especially the league system! (1.3 million players in France, including 650,000 active players every week). The name MPP is a nod to MPG 😉
  • To propose concrete actions in the form of challenges for MPP Players, similar to what the "Ça Commence Par Moi" movement proposes. The founder, Julien Vidal, is also the "godfather" of the Ma Petite Planète game.

In August 2019, launch of the first 2 MPP leagues in the form of a big green summer game with friends-s for a month. People got into the game, the Messenger conversation took off and BONUS challenges were issued. Since this first experiment (which proved to be promising!), the project has been structured in association with 3 other co-founders-rice-s (Mathilde, Benoît, Christian), the game mechanics have been refined, new editions have been launched and ESPECIALLY many contributors have joined the adventure 🙂 

What is your mission?

The mission of the association is twofold:

  • To offer a fun, turnkey game for anyone who wants to raise awareness about ecology. (#MPP Ambassador-rice-s)
  • Raise awareness and get as many people as possible to take concrete action on the subject of ecology through everyday challenges (#MPP Players)

We want to make ecology positive, dynamic and accessible to as many people as possible because the Planet is everybody's business-TE-S !

How does the association work?

Ma Petite Planète is an association under the French Law of 1901, recognised as being of general interest. The purpose of the association is to seek environmental impact through awareness and action of MPP Players for the protection of the environment.

In financial terms :

This associative status does not prevent the association from developing an economic model in order to sustain its impact. This is based on two main pillars:

  • Setting up and running MPP leagues within companies We propose to companies and organisations to launch a dynamic around ecology and to accompany them in setting up and running the challenge as well as monitoring the impact of the challenges taken up by the employees.
  • Donations to the association from MPP Players or others!

At the human resources level :

The association is conceived as an initiative open to all. We organise ourselves on a "Slack" (a tool similar to Teams) internally, with many channels that each motivated person can join in order to contribute, according to their desires and the time they have available! On this Slack, you can find volunteers, co-founders-rice-s and the MPP Team full time!

There are different paths of engagement and different levels of involvement possible for volunteers:

- Team Graine supports the association through its circle of friends and on social networks.
- Team Pousse contributes to existing projects.
- Team Bamboo is committed to new projects!

If you are interested, you will find more explanations here !

At the governance level :

The co-founders-rice-The association's Board of Directors validates the strategic direction to be taken in order to maximise the environmental impact while aiming at the long-term sustainability of the association. Operational decisions are taken in agreement and good understanding with the full-time MPP team. The opinion of volunteers is often solicited to have a better overview of certain issues.

General meetings are organisedes every year, these are in principle open to any contributor-rice.

Who is behind Team MPP? Who are the co-founders?

To find out, check out " The MPP teamWe'll explain it all to you!

For your information, we are constantly recruiting new volunteers (we have plenty of missions available) but also people on internships and work experience! See the end of the Team MPP page 🙂

What is your long-term ambition?
  • Have several million MPP Players in Europe in action by the end of 2024.
  • To become the benchmark challenge in France and then in Europe on the transition to ecological action.
  • To be in partnership with the National Education (MPP, offered as a module in several courses from kindergarten to high school).
  • To become an essential team building challenge with an ecological impact for companies.

 🎙 Christian vous raconte l’histoire de MPP

Do you want to put the ecological transition at the heart of your professional project? Do you want to help us as a volunteer?