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A real educational project about the environment, from kindergarten to high school! For a better understanding of the link between Man & Nature.

The game is accessible to every teacher,-without financial barrier, because it is financed by partners (see section below).

The + : You can now play MPP School in English !



If you don't have a smartphone, join us on the WebApp ! (it's a web page accessible from your computer or smartphone that works like the app!)


starting March 13, 2023

To learn more about MPP School, Presentation/Training Webinars are organized every week
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– le mardi 14 mars à 12h15

– le jeudi 16 mars à 12h15
– le mardi 21 mars à 12h15
– le mardi 28 mars à 12h15

It is possible to train independently for the game!

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discover the game      

how it works

My Little Planet School is one or more leagues (1 league = 1 class) of 10 to 40 students in your school who play around a list of green challenges during 3 weeks.

Each league is made up of one or more teams who try to score as many points as possible by completing green bonus challenges!

On the agenda: a fun time with your classes thanks to a fun and funny game (we hope!), pupils united around a common goal (the Planet!) and made aware of good eco-gestures.

There is a version of the game for every age: the challenges are designed according to the school level and age of your class.

The School MPP project exists thanks to funding public partners & companies participating in the challenge with their employees. The objective: to rncreasing ecological awareness to ALL !


You represent a community (Commune, Departments, Regions) or work for a rectorate and would like to be able to spread the School MPP game to your territory?

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus ? Nous organisons un webinaire le 13 mars, le 28 mars, le 11 avril et le 26 avril à 12h pour présenter l’accompagnement dédié aux collectivités. Click here pour vous inscrire à un créneau.

Any question? Contact us to discuss the implementation of a dedicated support via le formulaire ci-dessous

fresco with reused corks made in the framework of a challenge

Some examples of challenges to be achieved

' Picking up waste anywhere and throwing it in the right bin + 4pts
' Cooking vegetables with someone you know + 4pts
' Make/repair an object yourself or have it repaired + 5pts
' Make a proposal to the head teacher to make the school greener + 10pts

The tools

to play? -

> The Mobile Application : 'MPP Scolaire'

The main interface of the game, where teachers have access to :

Available on App Store, Google Play and online on the Web App :


homepage of the MPP mobile application for schools used by teachers
teenager holding a tablet and chatting with his/her league

> The conversation

A side conversation (optional) where students (or their parents for younger students) :

  • Share (with humour) the evidence required to validate their challenges (photos / videos / screenshots);
  • Share their joy or difficulty in achieving certain challenges;
  • Motivate themselves to win points for their team;
  • Discover new ways to protect the planet.

> The resources of the teacher/referent

In order to save time, we offer each teacher or adult advisor a dedicated space with all the necessary information, including a FAQ, to carry out their mission!

    rules and useful documents for teachers in digital version

    The students

    talk about it     

    pupils positioned to write WATER seen from above

    I liked it

    "I enjoyed doing the Ma Petite Planète challenge, it helped us to be more eco-friendly and to pay attention to Nature.

    Bambi - 12 years old, secondary school student


    fresco representing a tree made from plant debris collected in nature

    It was fun!

    I liked it when we finished our plates...
    It was fun!

    Manon - 5 years old, kindergarten student

    I had a lot of fun

    "I enjoyed this experience! I had a lot of fun because it helped me to get closer to Nature."

    Shahid - 8 years old, primary school student

    The teachers

    talk about it     

    sylvotherapy challenge


    The game helped to inject into our school the "global" energy that we had been struggling to get out for a few years (we have more than 2000 students, not easy!). The eco-delegates were really into it, the teams less so. Today it's like a big green wave during these three weeks, with photos and videos of the challenges displayed on the school's screens. And... we even have a photo of the whole management team doing the eagle position! The rigour of the MPP team makes for a funny and deeply motivating game.

    Adeline - E3D Manager of her school

    chickadee feeding on seeds in a bird feeder

    It created a link between the school and the families

    The Ma Petite Planète challenges really set the pace for our days for 3 weeks. In addition to raising ecological awareness, it created a link between the school and the families. The children spontaneously came up with ideas to complete these actions: making toothpaste by hand, using dry shampoo, recovering bath water for the toilet, using a worm composting machine, etc.

    Marine - kindergarten teacher

    insect hotel made from recycled objects and pallets

    I am absolutely delighted

    "We are finishing our challenge today with my class of CE2. It was a first for me and I am absolutely delighted to have taken part.
    The students and their families gave it their all. We were able to discuss, plant, observe and exchange on all sorts of subjects that fascinate them. Little seeds of awareness have sprouted and will grow for a long time. Thank you for all this investment. The young people are going through difficult times and this challenge came at the right time to give them energy, desire and to meet the magnificent nature in spring.

    Jeanne-Marie - third grade teacher

    fresco with paint on a white sheet: the little planet of children

    The experience was rich in learning

    We really had fun and the experience was rich in learning, in parent/school/pupil cohesion, in cooperation, in ecological awareness... Thank you 🙏

    Marie - Teacher in CM1

    Our ambitions


    The MPP team is thinking big and hopes that the MPP School Game will be present in hundreds of schools and that it will have raised awareness
    for 150,000 students by the end of 2022!


    Our ambition is to be proposed by the National Education in France to all teachers as a pedagogical project of education to ecology.

    Where are the students located?

    Students play all over the world: mainly in France of course, but also in Europe and everywhere on our little planet!

    map of the world where students playing MPP are located