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'MPP School'       

play from kindergarten to high school

A game of ecological challenges around the environment, for a better understanding of the link between Man & Nature.

Over 150,000 students have already played!

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Why should you play?

  • MPP unites students around a common goal (the Planet!).
  • The challenges raise awareness of good eco-behaviour in a fun way.
  • There's a version of the game for every age group: the challenges are designed to suit the school level of your class.

How does it work?

  • Challenges are made available to the teacher via an application..
  • For 3 weekspupils complete the challenges in class or at home.
  • The game is free for teachers, thanks to funding from public partners and the participation of companies.

How the game is played       

Video review

A picture's worth a thousand words: Watch the bilan de l’√©dition scolaire de printemps.¬†

See you on November 13 for the next edition!

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We organize webinars to introduce you to the game and answer your questions.

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Next edition 13 nov 2023

The next one? ON 11 MARS 2024

Mesure d’impact

Depuis notre lancement, 159 959 élèves ont joué et réalisé 2 116 444 défis.

Leurs encadrants vous recommandent de jouer !


pensent que la participation des √©l√®ves leur a donn√© envie de s’engager davantage pour la cause environnementale.


estiment que leurs élèves comprennent mieux les enjeux écologiques après avoir joué à MPP.


ont le sentiment que leur participation à MPP scolaire a fédéré l’ensemble de la communauté éducative.

Retrouvez le d√©tail de notre mesure d’impact en acc√©dant au PDF.

We work       

with communities

Leurs encadrants vous recommandent de jouer !

Your represent a community (Commune, Départements, Régions) or work for a rectorat and would like to launch the game in your area? ?

We're here to help! Fill in the contact form to discuss setting up dedicated support..


What does it look like?

Bike to Work to Sleep Challenge, worth 4 points, cycle 20km for a day or do a week's worth of "velotaf".
Duo (not) winner, worth 4 points, go a week without tea, coffee or chocolate
Just here... a small geranium is worth 3 points, plant at least one tree in your garden or that of an acquaintance or on one of the many sites that offer it

NB : Les défis varient en fonction du niveau scolaire des élèves



Marine - kindergarten teacher

The Ma Petite Planète challenges really set the pace for our days for 3 weeks. In addition to raising ecological awareness, it created a link between the school and the families. The children spontaneously came up with ideas to complete these actions: making toothpaste by hand, using dry shampoo, recovering bath water for the toilet, using a worm composting machine, etc.

Shahid - 8 years old - primary school student

"I enjoyed this experience! I had a lot of fun because it helped me to get closer to Nature."

Adeline - E3D Manager of her school

¬ę¬†Today it's like a big green wave during these three weeks, with photos and videos of the challenges displayed on the school's screens. [...] The rigour of the MPP team makes for a funny and deeply motivating game. ¬Ľ

Leur expérience       

inside 3 classes

Nous nous sommes rendu.e.s dans des classes pour interroger les √©l√®ves et les professeur.e.s, et savoir ce qu’ils/elles ont pens√© du jeu !

Discover them by clicking on the video (in French) ūüĎČ

You're not alone!

Students play all over the world: mainly in France of course, but also in Europe and everywhere on our little planet!

Parler d’√©cologie aux plus jeunes n’est pas toujours facile. Cela peut g√©n√©rer de l’√©co-anxi√©t√©. En partenariat avec Zamizen, nous avons cr√©√© un kit de ressources pour vous aider √† aborder le sujet plus sereinement.¬†