Avoiding food waste
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- 16 November 2022

How to avoid food waste at home?


Every year, one third of the food produced in the world is wasted. One third!
Can you believe it?!
Imagine a third of your shopping budget going to waste! A huge waste that could be avoided if the fridge and leftovers were better managed. Today, we reveal all the secrets to avoid wasting food at home!

But then what is the cost of food waste?

No one wants to throw away food and waste. However, it happens when we overconsume or store food poorly. Producing and transporting food requires a lot of energy, water, farmland and money. In addition to the greenhouse gases produced, throwing away food means that these resources have been used up for nothing.

So what can each of us do to help limit waste?

All our tips for reducing food waste at home!

To avoid food waste at home, you can simply start by :  

  • Establish weekly menus.
  • Create shopping lists to avoid compulsive shopping.
  • Do your shopping without being hungry or in Drive, don't let your stomach decide for you!
  • Don't be tempted by promotions like 2 for 1, when you know in advance that you won't use it all.
  • Avoid eating ready-made products, which consume a lot of energy in production compared to your home-made dish.
  • Buy in bulk to get the right amount of food for you.
  • Keep your food at the right temperature, you can freeze some of it to better ensure your stocks (tip: note the date of packaging on the last products to know where you stand).
  • Store your fridge properly, put the most fragile products at the front to be consumed first.
  • Cook the right quantities for the number of people to be fed.
  • Finally, use your leftovers to prepare your meals and cook tops and peelings for example!
  • Start batch cooking, to be more efficient in the preparation of your weekly meals and to use all your fresh products without losing the little leftovers that have been forgotten in the fridge! (can you smell the experience?)

Did you know that?

Some foods can still be eaten after the expiry date! For example, biscuits are safe to eat if they are past the expiry date (of course, depending on the type of cake, make sure that the biscuits are not mouldy and that they have been stored in good conditions).

What are your good habits?


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