A low-carbon summer
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- ON 1 July 2022

Top 5 low carbon travel ideas this summer

That's it! The big holidays are about to start. While most French people are getting ready to pack their bags and enjoy the sun, MPP wanted to give you a few ideas for low-carb trips for last minute travel!


1- For adventurers


For sportsmen and women (or people who want to test their limits), there are many adventure holidays for all tastes.
The UCPA stayswell known for its holiday camps, now offers a whole range of sports for older children: you can learn to dive on the Côte d'Azur, downhill mountain biking in the Alps, or learn to surf on the Atlantic coast. Our favourite is climbing the highest peak in the Swiss Alps, the 4554m high Mont Rose!
Explora Project and Chilowé offer zero-carbon micro-adventure holidays, to reconnect with nature. This involves spending a lot of time in nature, mostly walking or doing yoga.
So, are you interested?


2- For city dwellers

Itinerary in the major European capitals


Close to the eyes, far from the heart... Many people have had the chance to go across the Atlantic or to Asia, for example, to get away from it all in exotic megalopolises, but few people can boast of having visited all the European capitals.
Yet these capitals are very different and very rich, especially in history. We suggest 2 routes to enjoy it:

→ France - Amsterdam - Copenhagen - Berlin - Prague - Munich - France

→ France - Milan - Zagreb - Sarajevo - Budapest - Zurich - France

Plan on 2-3 weeks of fun to enjoy each destination and get back to slow travel. You can make your own itinerary or opt for the Interrails pass (if you are under 28), to jump on the trains of your choice!


3- For the most motivated


For travellers who want a change of scenery and to go far away, this is also possible. We do not recommend that you go on your 2 week holiday to the United States, as this might be a bit short.
However, other destinations are much more accessible:
- On MoroccoYou can travel to Spain by train. There, many buses will allow you to discover this country
- Scotland by night train. A destination that will allow you to recharge your batteries and stay cool during the hot summer months
- Scandinavia via Stockholm, the proximity of these countries allows you to make a tailor-made itinerary between the beautiful fjords
- The Balkans From Greece to Croatia, along the Adriatic Sea, for a change of scenery


4- For patriots

2 weeks in France to enjoy the riches of our country


Forests, turquoise water, volcanoes, mountains, beaches, dunes... No, these are not Colombian landscapes, but French ones. France is the largest country in Europe and our country has many riches to discover. We propose you an itinerary.
Day 1 to 3 - Annecy Discovering the Alps and outdoor activities
Days 4 to 6 - Gorges du Verdon Unreal scenery and extreme sports in this fabulous gorge.
Day 6 to 8 - French Riviera Farniente e Dolce Vita on the French Riviera. Travel from Nice to Marseille and enjoy the wonders of the region
Day 9 and 10 - Nîmes and Carcassonne History and the Middle Ages in the heat of the Languedoc
Day 11 - Toulouse: the warm Ville Rose and its narrow streets will allow you to set off again towards new horizons
Day 12 to 14 - Arcachon A place to enjoy the pool and its bohemian spirit as well as the ocean and its activities.
Day 15 to 16 - Tours : bike rides around the Châteaux of the Loire, for young and old alike
Day 17 to 20 - Paris The capital of love, but also the most touristic city in the world, will welcome you with open arms


5- For those who love to relax


Every summer, it's time for the duels of holidaymakers: the Julyers vs. the Aoutians, the mountain dwellers vs. the beachgoers, the hyper-active vs. the hyper-quiet.
At MPP we have decided! It will be beach holidays and farniente! Many seaside resorts in France are accessible by train, everywhere in France (Saint-Malo, Biarritz, Arcachon, Juan-les-Pins...). This will be the time to fill up on iodine and sunshine, with other low-carbon activities if you are feeling restless (sailboat cruises, introduction to board sports, walks/hiking...) or simply lie on a towel with a good book. Moreover, to continue in the line of a low-carbon summer, we recommend you the guide of Lonely Planet, "Carbon-free travel (or almost)"It may give you some ideas!


Bonus: The timeless family holiday


Each family has its own habits, so we won't presume to tell you where to go. But a small (or large) house rental, with barbecue and sun cream, is perhaps the real smell of holidays? It allows us to slow down for a while on the sometimes too fast pace of our lives and spend some great moments with our loved ones.

This article was written by Hugopure product of the South-West (Certified Organic Agriculture)


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