How to make your own washing powder - DIY made easy!
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- 21 October 2022

How to make your own washing powder - DIY made easy!

Household products are one of the biggest sources of waste in the home! However, with 2 or 3 basic essentials, it is "so easy" to do your own laundry! A quick trip to the local drugstore or bulk store and you'll leave with enough to do your laundry for at least a year, at a lower cost! Go on, one more step towards 0 waste 😉 

And of course, we collect empty washing powder cans from our friends to avoid buying a new one, that goes without saying 🙂 All that's left to do is to get your little ones/nephews to do it or to get out your best calligraphy pen to make a pretty diy label.


Recipe for homemade washing powder with Marseille soap

Forget the long list of ingredients: in our recipe, we need ... 3 things (yes, yes!): 

  • Water,
  • Pure vegetable soap: beware of greenwashing! Some brands offer bags of soap flakes that are already "ready-made" for "homemade" use. Take a good look at the composition: very often, these soaps are far from being irreproachable from an ecological and compositional point of view. Find a good traditional Marseille soap or an Aleppo soap that will do the trick!
  • Bicarbonate of soda 
  • And that's it!

Some people prefer to add essential oils, but they too are questionable from an environmental and health point of view. Far from being essential, they can be dispensed with without any problem, especially if you have young children at home or very reactive skin.


How to make your own washing powder in 15 minutes!

To make it, take a large pan and boil 2 litres of water. Off the heat, you can then add your grated or shredded soap (50g). Dilute the mixture slowly so that it becomes homogeneous.

Wait a little while until your "laundry starter" is less hot to add your 30g of bicarbonate. 

A few hours later, all you have to do is mix your detergent, which will have taken on a thicker texture and may be tinted depending on your soap. Finally, transfer it to an old can or glass bottle.


What do you think? It's amazingly simple, isn't it? Who's going for it?!


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