Getting into ecotourism
- 18 July 2022

10 tips for getting started in ecotourism

The MPP tutorial!

Have you ever heard of ecotourismBut you don't know where to start or you're hesitating to get started? Don't move, you're in the right place!

MPP offers you a short tutorial to get you started and adopt the right habits.

First of all, ecotourism is a a different way of travelling. It is a tourism oriented towards the discovery and the preservation of the nature while supporting the local communities. This can take many different forms, but the idea is to travel in a way that ethics while limiting its impact on the environment.


Getting started in ecotourism is easy


1. Decide what kind of trip you want to go on: visits to European cities, discovery of agricultural practices with the WWOOFingThe possibilities are endless: walking, cycling, exploring urban ecology, visiting third places, micro-adventures next door... 👩🌾


2. Then choose your dream destination! You can read our article A low-carbon summerto inspire you with the 6 travel ideas proposed by Greenpeace or download their guide with 41 destinations, tips and tricks. Ideally, you should avoid mass tourism. 🏞️

3. Concerning the reservation of the accommodation (hotel, gîte, tiny house,...), you can rely on the different eco-labels This ensures compliance with a certain number of criteria regarding energy, water and waste management. 🛏️

4. In your suitcase, equip yourself with what you might need on the spot and that you already have : cutlery to take away for picnics, bulk bags to do your shopping on the spot, water bottle, solid hygiene products... 🍴

5. To get to your destinationsIn addition to the above, the majority of the population of the region, in particular, opt for soft mobility, the train or shared mobility solutions (bus, carpooling, etc.). 🚆

6. If you are going to a sunny placeThe best way to do this is to get some shade between midday and 4pm and to wear clothes that cover up. Camille aka GirlGoGreen has made a selection of the best sun creams environmentally friendly. ☀️

7. Once there, discover the culture and support the local economy to help people who make their living from tourism, local craftsmen and producers. 💸

8. Also choose activities that respect wildlife. For example, you can practice water sports that do not require a motor: canoeing, windsurfing, snorkelling... Or you can put on your best hiking shoes and go for a walk to discover the wonderful landscapes while staying on the marked paths. 🛶

9. When it comes to food, don't hesitate to eat locally for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds! Wandering around the markets is the best way to discover local products. And in restaurants, it is becoming easier to find vegetarian meal options. 🍉

10. Finally, take advantage of these precious momentsTake the time to reconnect with nature and be in the moment! 💯  To go further, you can consult the definition of ecotourism given by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation).

This article was written by CécileHis motto is "learning to walk is first accepting the idea of falling" (P. Bottero)


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